The Story of cPads

The Story of cPads

September 06, 2017

In this digital age, to us, the scratchy pages of notebooks are still more enjoyable than the shining glass of our screens. Yet, we must recognise that our lives have become faster. More often than we’d like, we find ourselves scribbling notes on wandering papers rather than inside the covers of our notebooks.

In a sense, that is the natural route to follow. The art of bookbinding starts from the sheets and works its way out to the covers. The notebooks, however, differ from books. They represent dynamic, changing content that reflects our ever-present thoughts. We’d say that your pages should follow you, not the other way around.

This idea brought us to a crossroads. We honestly think that we’re not the only ones to save a notebook for certain topics and occasions. Then, the special moment to fill them in never arrives. As an alternative, to keep the freedom of arranging our notes to our liking, we were presented with cold and clingy metal loops between bulky leather covers.

We went with a third option. Our intent was to keep the warm feeling of hardcover editions you find in bookstores and add practicality and dynamism into that world.  We wanted a notebook that allows you to feel that, in essence, you’re writing your own book.

Initially, we made cPads for ourselves. Soon, our friends and family followed, with the one question: “When do I get mine?”. Now, we make them available for you too.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using them as much as we do.

The Chameleonize Team